Sunday, 23 October 2011

And Thus, It Begins...

As some of you may be aware, I am re-entering full-time education from tomorrow morning. It's not exactly for a long time (unless you count four weeks as long), but yes, I am becoming a student for the third time.

Third. Time.

Anyway, last time I went back into full-time education, I wrote less posts. Not much less, I'll grant you, but 146 in 2010 compared to 177 in 2008... is shocking. There are worse things, like the war in Iraq, the Conservative Party, the young raver's hair colour and the state of disarray the idiots who organised my second course left it in... but still, shocking. By my mediocre standards, anyway.

Don't panic. Dry your tears. I still plan to post, and I plan to post with as much regularity as I can afford myself. The only problem is, I don't know exactly how regular that will be. My tutor's rhetoric at my interview sounded like the bastard child of Dante and Nostradamus predicting the Aztec apocalypse of 2012. On crack. His inference, and although this is unverified but I'll take it as gospel for now, is that I won't have time for anything over the next month. Although I think he means I won't have time to go to a wedding in Dublin or something - I'm not sure sex blogging counts. (I am, of course, going to see James. But that's another matter.)

So what I'm trying to say, effectively, is: if I don't blog for a while, don't panic. I've just been overwhelmed. (Because that's the sort of thing I could totally cope with right now. Sigh.) If I don't blog within the next four weeks, however, you have every right to assume I have died during the course of the course. But don't worry - if I cross over to the other side I'll get Jake to resurrect me.

Catch you on the flip side, Earth.

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Catharine said...

You'll be fabulous, and I'm sure you won't meet Jake...