Friday, 9 September 2011

Sharing a word...

"What would you to do me?"

That one question - a statement not exactly made in innocence, but open to interpretation any way you want - started me off. It sounds almost like an invitation, a dangerous substance to play with - what would I do to her? Where do I start? With a lyric - do with me what you want, but don't tell a soul? With a question of my own? Or with an action? I fell back on words, spurned on by my own imagination.

I spun words. I talked of sucking nipples, kissing the stomach, titillating the clitoris and licking the labia. I spoke of the ecstasy of penetration, the feeling of the penis entering her, and of her hands placing themselves on my back. I left a question hanging in the air in the knowledge that she was enjoying the words I was tapping out. She orgasmed, in my absence. She slid downstairs for food. I sat and waited.

My erection was present. I had turned myself on. A mark of good prose? Perhaps. Maybe it was my own words, maybe it was my imagination. Maybe it was a combination of the two.Whatever the reason, I had turned myself on. MSN blinked at me to remind me that she was not there. I had nobody to concentrate my affections on but myself. And so I did. I took myself back into my imagination. I read and re-read the words with which I had indulged the girl from 200 miles away. And by the time she returned I was ready to finish. A few lines of conversation followed - we talked of shared orgasms, licking, and how turned on I was. And I brought myself to my own orgasm through that.

A shower followed. I got myself wet, scrubbed, clean and then dry. I needed it, that moment of refreshment during which I reflect. I always reflect. Another lyric came to me, from the same song. One that didn't need an answer - how was it for you? A rhetorical lyric, perhaps. I returned to the computer. She was there... waiting for me. I dried my hair (yes, I use a hairdryer!), and re-entered the conversation. We talked of Wikipedia, Coronation Street, chocolate biscuits and Aldi. I said, "your life has me in it." She said:

"I want you in me!"

My stomach flipped. My penis began to harden up once more. I began to confirm my suspicions... that there would be more orgasms shared between us tonight.


Catharine said...

it's good that you turn yourself on too. :p

blacksilk said...

This is really great stuff and particularly well written. It's great to see you getting properly back to the erotic, you do very well at it. :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

@C: I know, right?

@B: Thanks. I can be really dirty when I want to be. I only tend to write erotically when erotic stuff happens to me, although I'm within my right to do so (it is a sex blog, after all) - so however explicit a post is might be considered an indication of exactly how turned on I was. I wonder if that world for every sex blogger - I just think that, unlike some sex bloggers, I write posts even if they're not overtly about sex! This one just... is.

[Word verification: "grotto". Ho ho ho!]

Catharine said...

I have ounbrest.

as a word verification.

I write the most when I'm frustrated, which is maybe unfortunate.

Anisa said...

Hopefully my posts will soon begin to be more about sex and less about tragic events.