Monday, 19 September 2011

Captain's Blog

Avast behind, all ye saucy wenches and stallion beasts o' the sea! Hop upon me Cap'n's Log an' see why me roger is so jolly! Prepare yerselves to be boarded!

How be ye celebratin' this magical day of true cultural expression? Be ye singin' lustfully o' fish and booty while ye raise a glass o' grog? Be ye flyin' through the air as pirates do, droppin' swords on yer enemies? Or be ye playin' yer way through Donkey Kong Country 2, or even better, Monkey Island, revelling in the piratical glory o' it all? Or be ye merely watchin' that televisual feast, Pirates, shiverin' yer own timbers? Variety be the spice o' piratical life, after all, arrr!

Fer yers truly, today has been a day o' voluntarrrrry work - but there be a promise o' a trip ter the local waterin' hole this autumnal evenin', with many in tow, like Jolly Jack Robinson, the bounding Mane, an' the young sailor, maybe wi' man-lovin' lubber costumes intact! Who knows? It be an evenin' o' high adventure and good spirits, ter be sure! An' although me schemin' sister has me treasure, I be sure to keep an eye (patched or not) on her! I know fer sure she be owin' me £2! Ha-har!

Me lady has been tellin' me this evenin' that I be the best pirate she has ever known! Warms the barnacles of me heart, that does, an' deserves a fine comment to go wi' it. So here it be: