Saturday, 27 August 2011

Once bitten, twice sleepy

They asked me to write a review. I wrote this.

This is a genuinely good-quality hotel; the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, yet discreet, the d├ęcor, facilities and services are all outstanding, and any queries I had were dealt with efficiently and swiftly.

And by submitting that, I won 15% off our next one. And so to business. Rather than trying something clever, I'm just going to relate things as they happened according to my memories and the list of cue words I have here.

Thursday (yesterday was Thursday)

After a long and rather chaotic journey there, involving a protracted period of waiting and a brief "WTF?" moment when I realised I'd forgotten to seek out a taxi number before we got to the place itself, we made our way to the hotel, where a trainee girl (who I later nominated for a guest service award) checked us in, gave me a loyalty card(!), and told us where our room was. Room 9, on the ground floor. Fair enough. I entered said room and my jaw dropped.

We spent most of the day in the bed, I am happy to report. We already know she is an orgasm addict; I used this to my advantage. I am also happy to report that she doesn't find me physically repulsive, to the point of kisses lasting basically forever and quite definitely the best BJ I've ever had in the history of everything ever. I also spent a while with her thighs wrapped around my head, enjoying the amount of virgin girlcum, the noises, and upon raising my eyes, the look on her face. Those little things that make life worth living.

We ate some strawberries and this dyed bits a towel blood red. We decided that this was proof that we had committed a bloody murder. It didn't prevent us from hanging the towel back up, though.

By about 8pm, I'd learned exactly where to touch and how to touch it to effect certain results, and by about 11pm, neither of us were moving much. We were asleep at some point after midnight, our limbs in a tangle.


Friday (Today it is Friday)

I didn't wear shoes to breakfast, preferring to pad down in socks. I anally raped the hotel breakfast, whereas she had a sensible amount of food, and when we were both satiated, we did the decent thing, and went straight back to bed.

We were interrupted by a hotel worker who burst into the room. He didn't see much, because we were at that point cuddling, although he did see cutieloveheartgirl's boobs. But that's nothing new. She is unashamed. We were still in bed well past lunchtime, and I think you can use your imagination for most of that... except for once, which I have to describe, in the following way:

I had just experienced a fifteen-minute orgasm. Fifteen-minute minimum. I'm not even sure whose orgasm it was. I certainly experienced something. She was making the noises and the movements, though, and therefore I'm going to assume it was hers. I'll say we shared the orgasm. I think my penis was involved somehow. Anyway, I left her lying on her back (having fallen there from lying on her front... on my front) in order to get to the bathroom and gently rinse bits of me that needed a gentle rinse. I also went to fetch her some ice water. What I wasn't expecting, however, was the presence of a large, red, shiny bite mark on the left-hand side of my neck. This, apparently, wasn't intentional. I can (almost) certainly vouch for the veracity of that statement, as I have a memory of her burying her face in my shoulder to orgasm, and it's perfectly natural for all the muscles to tense up when that happens, so I got an unintentional bite mark. Random!

We went for a walk around the lake and ended up in a car park somehow, then returned to the lake and took some silly pictures because of our inability to take sensible pictures. We returned to the room, had biscuits by way of a semblance of lunch, and then after a little bit more rolling around in bed we headed for the swimming pool. The pool itself wasn't anything more than a rectangle of water, but we did trade orgasms in the outside jacuzzi.


I ordered a sandwich (because I wanted a sandwich) and returned to the room to find poor cutieloveheartgirl feeling quite ill. I made some useless suggestions before taking action and fetching her ice water, which was the best thing to do in the circumstances, as after sipping the water we sat on the sofa and waited for her to feel better. She did over time, and as midnight approached, faint sensations of dizziness gave way to laughter, and we both felt distinctly cheered up as we went back to bed, ostensibly to sleep, although we did more than just sleep.

The sandwich was quite good, by the way.


Saturday (we so excited)

Apparently I wasn't conscious for the start of today, because I was incredibly sleepy. Allegedly, this was cute. After being told I was cute about 429800358 times, I tried to get up, informing her that I was up by flashing my cock at her (although I don't remember this!), and then attempting to put trousers on while somewhat catatonic, which was hilarious (although I don't remember this either!), and staggering down to the all-important breakfast, which consisted of too much food on my part, and her eating honey STRAIGHT FROM THE JAR. I also had some orange juice, but it's a secret, so don't tell anyone!

We didn't need to check out until 12, so I went back to the room and listened to her showering, while I lay on the bed and caught up on sleep. She woke me back up with kisses, and I sleepily cleared up the room, leaving the important things where they needed to go, like putting the murder towel in plain sight, leaving the bed deliberately messy, casting pillows on the floor, and filling in the guest comment card which, as a good citizen, I dropped in the suggestions box on our way out.

We then made our steady way back to London. At least, I think we did. I'm still very sleepy.

This holiday was excellent, but now I look back on it, although I've divided it into days above, it all seemed to blend into one. It was a haze of affection and action, dictated in part by the setting and in part by what we felt like doing, but three days in the isolation of a hotel basically in the middle of nowhere still remains a good idea to have had, and it had a good effect... so I'm all for that.

This, of course, marks the end of my holiday period. I'd certainly take this one again, if I could. Thanks for listening.


Luke said...

Where was this incredible-roomed hotel?

Innocent Loverboy said...

Literally in Buckinghamshah, yah? Totes in the middle of nowhah. We needed to get a taxi to find it, hah!

Catharine said...

I really should write about you too...

Anonymous said...

The romantic in me is over the moon with how lovely a time the pair of you had at your break away from it all.

The naughty perv is also satisfied that you got the best blowjob of your life. Good on you, Cutieloveheartgirl!!

LP x

Catharine said...

I was kinda surprised

Innocent Loverboy said...

So was I... pleasantly, like.

Catharine said...

Did you have low expectations? It's okay :p

Innocent Loverboy said...

Know I should have phrased that better....

I was just surprised at how willing you were to give a BJ, you being a virgin and all. And since I'm not a fan of BJs, I'm surprised I enjoyed it so much, that is all!

[Word verification - I kid you not - "subby ones"]

Catharine said...

It's okay! :p I was surprised when you told me, at the train station!