Monday, 22 August 2011

It's a game of one half

If you blow up a balloon half-way, it doesn't end up in half a sphere, right? Just checking. Because blowing up a balloon half-way, though difficult to judge, fills it with some air. And I had half an orgasm today and I'm working on the same principle.

You see, I'm going on holiday with cutieloveheartgirl on Thursday and, as such, I want to be in the peak of sexual health when I do so. This, of course, means I shouldn't be frantically masturbating up until the event. If I don't touch myself - and earlier on this month I had a week in which I didn't do so at all, so it shouldn't be difficult - during the next two days then I should be perfectly primed to cum in my pants when she kisses me on the platform on Thursday morning. Of course, I don't plan to cum in my pants; I'd prefer it if I didn't - but if I store up my sexual energy, the opportunity would be there.


"So," I thought this morning, "I'll masturbate to orgasm today, and then I won't think about doing so for the rest of the week, and then I can have a sexually charged holiday with cutieloveheartgirl, and it will all be lovely." Well, that's what my thoughts should have been. In fact my thoughts were, "zomg!!?!??! soft pr0n!!!!!!!!!!11" as I realised my parents had left the house and I could plug my external HD back in.

And lo, I had half an orgasm.

I didn't even think you could have such a thing. It wasn't intentional. I was certainly masturbating like I usually do. I was certainly watching soft porn and in particular scenes that I know are bound to make me orgasm. But I didn't feel like I was going to orgasm when I did - I was between scenes and my imagination, which usually takes over after a while, wasn't running at full capacity, so I don't know why I came, exactly. I just did. Or at least halfway.

It certainly wasn't a dry orgasm. There was ejaculation. And it wasn't a bad orgasm. Because I enjoyed it (which is a relief). It was just... half an orgasm. It was very quick, there wasn't much cum (I didn't pulse any more than twice), it was over almost as soon as it began, and because it was such a surprise, I didn't enjoy it as much. I just... wasn't ready. It's as if it just happened and then decided not to happen. Very unusual.

I'll save the other half for the holiday though. Who knows, cutieloveheartgirl may appreciate it. She needs more orgasms; she only came for ten minutes today. Tragic, I know.

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Catharine said...

I didn't steal any part of your orgasm!