Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fresh Meat

Insofar as the blogging world goes (Or am I supposed to use the term "blogosphere"? I like it, but it's not a real word, like "kdbtpobv", "psabuwye" or "alligator".), I've always found sex bloggers to be perhaps the best people to share things with. Take the other day. I met up with @JillyBoyd and @ElenyaLewis (and we ended up in Hamleys for some reason), and they had been in a room the previous day which also contained @Hungry_Joe and @Mia_Pure among others. And, of course, I've met @NimueFromTheWeb, @SexaholicBBW, @Emanix, @tajasel and @brassfeathers, and "the famous ones", @girlonetrack and @belledejour_uk, and I'm dating @notCatharine. Life's funny like that.

Wow, that's a lot of blue text. I'm more sociable than I thought.

But it has to be said, as I was telling the aforementioned @JillyBoyd (who is lovely, by the way), sometimes I don't feel like I've met enough. I mean, this has been an eventful summer, to be sure, and it's not over yet - I have exciting things to do such as "go for a coffee with H", and the utterly mind-blowing "go on holiday with Catharine" scheduled on my wallchart, along with a tiny "claim JSA" in red, but that's not nearly as fun. But part of me wants to add "meet [blogger username] here and toast the future of uncertainty" to those free dates (and there are only five left, y'know). Because meeting people is fun. And I share a lot with y'all here, so what more is there to do?

It has also to be said, however, that there's a part of me that doesn't want to meet anyone else (apart from Catharine, but I've already met her and will continue to do so, so she doesn't get to escape me that easily), because although I'm perfectly okay with people once I've met them, I always feel awkward on the run-up to the event. Even though it's effectively meeting a friend. According to Jill, I was visibly nervous when I met her, and although I loosen up, it takes a while and a couple of Cokes before I do so. (The exception, I think, being Nimue, who gave out so many geek vibes that I felt drawn to her presence naturally.) But then again, being a bit nervous is part of my charm.

And I haven't been kidnapped. Yet.

But, whether or not I meet anyone else from the sex blogs at any point in the future, it's certainly a lot more social than some of the other communities I've been involved in online. There's one in particular of which I am a dedicated member, but has on occasion suffered from backstabbing and infighting, even from the founding fathers. There's another one, however, which had an unspoken creed of "everyone here loves everyone else", which was beautiful. And all its members, yours truly notwithstanding, were beautiful too. And yet I never met any of them. The opportunity may have been there, it just never, ever happened. And I don't know why.

I just think sex bloggers, open as we have to be to deal with the technicolour splurge that is the preferences and fetishes in the reated world, are likely to be more well-disposed to having a drink and a chat, even with someone as vanilla and straightedge as myself.

Or, as my mother puts it so eloquently, "you've got so many little friends!"


Catharine said...

it's cute that you beg for friends. :p

Anonymous said...

Reckon I'll probably meet you one of these days if you've no objections. :P

No idea when, but I'd like to some day, provided nerves held. :)

(Just awful at meeting people as you though, if not much worse)

ladypandorah said...

B: London is so far for us to travel to! We should get people to meet in the middle...or Bristol...

I like the idea of it, but nerves still prevented me from contacting ILB when I was in London oin July!

Innocent Loverboy said...

Bristol's nice, but for ultimate coolness I prefer Bath.

My original plan was to move there. Hell, who knows, I may just still do that at some point in the hurdy-gurdy that is my life.