Saturday, 30 July 2011

See her run! Run, ILB, run!

"This train is ready to depart," whispered the voice in my ear, "so any persons on board who are not passengers please return to the platform. Thank you."
I ignored the warning and carried on with the kiss.
After giving her my assurances that I would miss her and affirming that she did, indeed, think it was a good idea if we saw each other again, I leaned back, although not stepping back onto the platform yet.
"I told you you'd make it," I said, a little more confidently than I felt. I hadn't been at all confident we'd make it, but at least I know enough about King's Cross to be certain that, if you have a train to catch from the mainline station, make it to the Underground concourse with five minutes to spare - three if you're quick - and you'll get there. We got there. Problem solved. Both my feet and hers ached, and I was fighting myself not to clutch the stitch in my side and expose myself as a fraudulent athlete. She was still breathing heavily and looked slightly flustered, but she was on the train, and that's what mattered.

It's not my fault. Okay, well, it is my fault. Everything had gone particularly well - the sun had been out this time; we'd had the picnic we promised ourselves followed by a nice walk through the park. Yes, it had been hot, but nevertheless, it was pretty nice. Yes, of course, there was kissing, and there was groping, and I did get a manly holler of, "go on, my son!" when she lay on top of me, ostensibly to demonstrate how long her hair was... but mostly to carry on kissing me as I reclined. And possibly to feel my erection too, although that was probably just a pleasant side-effect. At least, I thought it was pleasant. Presumably the hollering man thought it must have been too. We got a bit lost, doubled back and found a Tube station that took us to the Natural History Museum. We looked at some dinosaurs, but decided that £10 was far too pricey for more dinosaurs, and headed for the shop, where she bought a Diplodocus. We then headed for another shop, in which she bought a Baryonyx. And she, I and the two dinosaurs headed outside, where we lay on the grass.

This is when my brain switched from "gorgeous girl in my arms, thinks I'm sexy, loves to kiss, hooray I hit the jackpot!" mode to "gorgeous girl in my arms, thinks I'm sexy, stroking my hair, this is so relaxing, aaaaaaah unwinding" mode, and I almost slipped away. Almost. I certainly relaxed. I didn't even realise I was that wrought. I guess problems with one's PC, running a barbecue that wasn't even your idea, not having a job and having to tidy an entire house by yourself in about an hour and a half do take their combined toll. It only took a couple of dinosaurs, a Kinder Bueno and a simple hair stroke to sort out. Life is simple sometimes.

Unfortunately, during this haze of relaxation (and all that came with it; refer back to paragraph 2 for an idea of what it involved - now add more kisses), about an hour dropped out of the universe and went missing somewhere, and the resultant warp in the space-time continuum contributed to what ended up as a mad dash from Kensington to Camden, with about as much madcap slapstick as a trip on the Piccadilly Line could conjure up.

But we made it in the end.

And, as I'm sure you'll have guessed, it was worth it, no question.


Catharine said...


I wasn't just breathing heavily; I was on the verge of a panic attack...

But it's okay, I lived, yaay! And got home 3 minutes early!

I had forgotten about the blokes yelling "go on, my son!"

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this; thank you for sharing. It was warm, personal and flawlessly written.

I'm happy for you.


The_Rambler said...

This is lovely =] I feel ashamed this is the first time I've commented but I must admit I've been reading your blog with dedication ever since we met at SS =] won't be surprised if you don't remember me though, we have only technically met once! x

Innocent Loverboy said...

Don't worry about it, Rambler... good to see that you're reading. And since I've only ever met a few people at SS, considering the low membership rate, it's unlikely that I'd forget anyone from there.

Good post to come in on, as well. Nice choice.

ladypandorah said...

You have a brilliant knack for allowing me to grin all the way through reading your posts!

I'm so happy that you had a much better picnic this time round.

LP xx

Catharine said...

I just read this again, aww!

I've gone all soppy and girly today.