Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It hurt itself in its confusion!

I've learned a lot from sexy people recently, and an unforeseen nugget of knowledge that I've gained happens to be that, after a particularly large orgasm (or several), you can look quite confused.

The opportunity to investigate this claim arose this evening after I did have a particularly large orgasm (but only one). It came to me suddenly, as I was blinking to dispel the haze, that I had the chance to check if this worked for me, too - did I look confused? After all, my webcam was on; I may have been taking pictures earlier. I may have been holding a certain statuette. I may have even been sharing famed pictures of me as a princess. But only maybe. Anyway, my webcam was on.

I took a picture. I have, of course, looked at myself following orgasm before, but not with my head tilted at that angle, or with my eyes in that place, or with my hair doing... well... that.

I looked thoroughly confused. And, what's more, somewhat content.


barenakedlady said...

Waaaahaaha! Even the title of this post brings back good memories. After orgasms I look like Zombie!Dalide, with my hair all confused and shit..

Catharine said...

And are you sharing??

Innocent Loverboy said...

Possibly. If I still have the photo. I shall check.