Friday, 1 July 2011

Gold Mother

Snowdrop is pregnant!

This is an unexpected development. I've known her for longer than you'd think, and as far as I've always been able to tell, she's not really the type of girl to get pregnant. She's said at several points, including to me, that she doesn't want babies - and the only reason she'd have them (unless she's done something dumb like missed a pill or not bought any condoms or anything), I'd guess, would be that she was in a committed relationship... and she's not that type of girl either!

Or so I thought.

Truth is, I've not been actively pursuing what's going on in the world of snowdrop with any degree of interest or regularity. After our brief dalliance more than three years ago, our only communication has been through music - her sending me limited edition albums that I wouldn't get anywhere else, the occasional word spoken at James gigs and the customary pithy comment left on her Facebook wall when the opportunity's there. But in all honesty, without any indication that she was attached or pregnant, she just casually dropped it into conversation somehow.

And by her calculations, she is due to give birth in the middle of a James gig this autumn. And given her obsession with the band, that's fitting.

So, of course I've booked tickets to said gig for myself, 47, and 47's girlfriend. I can't afford it, but it's James... and if snowdrop gives birth in the gig, it's be worth it just to see that.

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