Tuesday, 12 July 2011


OMG guyz, guess what? Overnight I've inexplicably turned American!

I had no knowledge of this fact at all when I woke up this morning, still in my bed in London, England - nor has my accent changed from cut-glass BBC RP to a spunky Northern twang, New York directness or Southern drawl. But happily, I got an e-mail that totally confirmed that I am, in fact, American - and not only that, I attended one of those American high schools you see on imported sitcoms! Lookit!


Guess who shows up on a dating page? Does the name T-chick ring the bell?

[URL - redacted]

Yeah.. you are right! She is the one from our class... Do you remember her saying I will be a virgin as long as I found the Big One? I guess she found many here. Actually there are a lot more other cuties waiting for us.

BTW: I can't go to the game tomorrow, coz I already have an "other" program with a Suzy...



Dude! Biggun! I totally remember you from our class! Weren't you also a member of the AV, Glee, Chess, Black Students, Asian Students, Celibacy, Prank Call, and Sodomy Clubs? And yes, thank for you confirming I'm right, even before you heard my response! Your clairvoyance is astounding, dood!

And, man, of course I remember T-chick. It's a name that totally rings the bell. Unfortunately, her grammar doesn't seem to be much good, but I'm sure she found many The Big Ones at the site you linked me to. Incredible - I thought that was a ride at a theme park in Britain, lol! Shows how much I know.

Hey, I didn't even know there was a game tomorrow! Sweet! What game is it? Ludo? Checkers? Snakes and Ladders? I really hope it's Othello, I love those double-sided pieces. Shame you're at an "other" program. But hey, I love computer software too. Maybe you can send me the program and I'll see what's so alternative about it.

Together To Your Lake to you as well. What's that, some kind of philosophy? It sounds great.

Backwards caps forever,
(I'd put kisses but then you'd think I was gay, lol)


Anonymous said...

Ey? Biggun?

Your reply: genius, btw.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I'm not expecting to get a reply back...

[Word verification was a word: "loss"]

Catharine said...

Can you introduce me to T-chick?

Innocent Loverboy said...

Nope, I think she's on a program with Biggun's smaller brother, Moderateun.

Melan said...

awww you've got to learn to love the yanks... I did on holiday! (somewhat)... although I had a good-looking pro american footballer help me along somewhat... but still. they are like us... BUT NOT. Their way of life is truly fascinating (as it is completely and utterly uninteresting)

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