Sunday, 12 June 2011

The weekest link


I considered various forms of words in capitals before settling on that. Screams of rage and intense crying were also in my head, but I settled on manic laughter lifted verbatim from 1980s Justice League comics instead. I don't know if it fits, but if you've read this far, it evidently caught your attention.

This week has been manic. I went into London every. single. day. Yes, I know I live there, but it's still something that takes effort - walking to the train station and then navigating the Underground, dodging the obligatory drunk passengers, obnoxious executives, grumpy London teenagers and the occasional Chimaera. It also costs £5.30 (£8 if you don't have the 16-25 Railcard. I'm 26, so of course I've got one) - £5.30 I don't actually have. But that's all largely immaterial anyway. The point is, I usually go into London maybe a couple of times a week, depending on what I'm doing. This week went something along the lines of:

dictionary definition updating you have pie job search town glee driving lesson job seekers allowance distraction club bank transfer rain amateur transplants rain job interview naked photos comedy club rain make sign phase out local pub slutwalk bee rescue service family sunday lunch rain cat on boat story sitcom writing nablopomo late night flirting chat room management rain help help help

It's like that advert for London Southbank. Just... a bit better.

Nevertheless, it's all quite exciting. Especially the late night flirting, which has had the unexpected side effect of keeping me satiated enough to not even think about watching soft porn this week.

Yes, really! No, really really!

The result of this is that I didn't quite wake up this morning. I mean, I got up and moved around a bit, but I wasn't quite sure of who, where, or what I was. I just... was. And now I'm in a state of semi-catatonia. It's not unpleasant, exactly, but it's inconvenient. And, of course, there's the money issue to deal with. But this has been at the very least interesting, so I'm pushing for the same sort of week starting tomorrow. Interesting and active. Although if the money went into my account, rather than out of, that would be appreciated.

But you can't have everything.

Although something right now would be nicely timed...


ladypandorah said...

I do hope that evil laugh was not for completing your blogpost before I completed mine!

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

No, not at all. My evil laugh sounds a bit different. And, regrettably, not being evil, I never get to use it either...