Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Back from camp, as you can probably tell if you follow me on Twitter. Although, even if you don't, the fact that I have access to a computer - as evidenced by the fact that I am typing a blog post - should probably give you the major clue. Ad I said in my previous post, although DFs are randy buggers, my district isn't likely to take part in any of those shenanigans. Children were there for two out of the four days of heady goodness, and even when they weren't, the Kinsfolk who congregated around the fire at night (and the three DFs we had with us) indulged in our usual tendency of keeping our hands to ourselves.

We were visited on the last night by two DFs from another district who brought with them tales of their camps. Oh, and weed. Hairy Friend pounced on them immediately, as he was raring for a political discussion and the presence of another anarchist excited him (plus, they had weed), but we all got to have conversationds with these fun, new people. I was relatively unfazed by their rather blasé attitude to life, as I've been to DF Kamp, although - as one of my district said - "you have people in relationships in your group? that's weird!"

Which is true. Robinson, Hairy Friend, Mane, Mane's sister, Hairy Friend's sister, one of our female DFs, girl-I-used-to-have-a-crush-on, and one of our members who I haven't thought of a name for yet (but is a BBW, so I'll call her WoodieBBW) all have significant others who are outside of Woodcraft. The very few insular relationships that have happened within our district (most of which involving the same person) have all ended very badly indeed. So we stay shy of them.

Our district is, however, getting steadily more sexualised. It's not becoming noticeable, as such, but the young raver running, though the rain, from our boys' huge army tent to the woodshed that we built and back again, wearing nothing but a hat, is certainly a first. (When Mane's younger brother arrived, he repeated the spectacle... but removed the hat.) I don't think any actual sex is going to be happening, but that'd be a bit weird anyway. It's an open enough subject to discuss the length of various cocks, circumsicion with teeth and how good my various female sex partners have been at blowjobs, in order of skill. And naked raver streaking. And to be honest, I'm happy with that.

Lack of sex at district camp has never been a worry, but it dawned on me that this is the first time I've been to camp for a while, and that last time, I had a girlfriend. A sizeable amount of last camp was spent finding ways to communicate with TD. My 'phone was available, but it wasn't always on, and a few texts about stuff were all we had to go on. I do, however, distinctly remember buying pencils and paper, and sitting on a windy beach writing a lengthy letter to her, detailing the goings-on at camp. Not that I can remember what the letter said, but I remember writing it. I remember it being two pages long. And I most distinctly remember getting up super-early to hitch a list to civilisation with a leader, while he collected supplies from a supermarket, so I could buy a stamp and send it.

This time was different - very much so. Hello to my friends on Twitter (yes, particularly you, @notCatharine) who said hi to me when I was available via the magic of the BlackBerry. But there was nobody in particular I was totally missing. I've got lots of friends, but all my best friends were there. Last time I went to camp, TD came to visit me straight away. She was here less than an hour after I arrived home. This time, there wasn't really much to come back to - well, this blog, yes. But in terms of romance and/or sexuality, it was a very different beast.

Although I didn't masturbate at all while I was there. I did last night. It was huge.

But I guess that's a different post entirely...


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