Saturday, 25 June 2011

Plus one

I really like my cousin's fiancé. I can't help it, I like him.

There's no reason I shouldn't like him - apart from the fact he's a bit of a Gary Stu. He's cool and clever, he works in IT using skills that he taught himself, he's got a flat which he shares with my cousin (who he's marrying next year), he earns enough money to consider moving (both of them) into a house, and everyone seems to like him. He even looks better now that he's stopped wearing that coat that was knocked off directly from Cheryl Cole's wardrobe. And recently, my mother had a problem with her laptop - the problem being, it didn't work.

I identified it as probably a problem with the registry, so we took it around to where my cousin, who is a student of fashion design, lives when she's not required to be in London and do arty things around the LCF. Also known as "her parents' house". She was sitting doing the one-handed, one-knee laptop thing people do when trying to look alternative, and he was mashing keys of three computers at once. Four, once you count my mother's laptop. He sorted the problem in about two minutes and then left it running a malware scan.

Therefore, he is the greatest being in the universe.

Me being me, I should feel a little jealous. But I don't. You can't feel jealous of this guy. It was a bit annoying when they got engaged, but it's been worth enduring the squeals of the family for the look on Nanna's face when they confirmed the theme of their wedding as being fairytales. (I'm tossing up between Robin Hood and a fairytale princess for myself. I have both costumes, after all.) It's also a little annoying when we have those huge family gatherings that I'm dragged... uh, taken to. It's rumoured, but not known, that there's some sort of surgical attachment going on at those. Maybe they're exchanging protein strings. It's not my place to say.

But, dash it all, I like him. He speaks a language I understand. I ran into him once randomly in the middle of London and felt no shame in giving him an impromptu hug. And, despite the fact that I'd quite like to be in his position (not with my cousin! - just to have a steady job, a flat, and someone to hold at family gatherings) at some point, and also despite the fact that my sister and I play a game which involves throwing 'fridge magnets at the wedding notification on our 'fridge, scoring ten points if you hit it off, five if you hit it at all, I'm resigned - and even quite looking forward - to the fact that they are, in fact, getting married in about a year's time.

And I could think of worse people for her.


Catharine said...

aww! I'm jealous of the throwing fridge magnets game.

Innocent Loverboy said...

You can play it with me!

Catharine said...

yaay! We never get any wedding invitations to throw stuff at; everyone in our faily is too married, too young or too potential-Jeremy-Kyle-guest to get married.