Tuesday, 21 June 2011

List of unintentionally sexual things that were said to me yesterday

Because I know you like lists.
  • "You won't do much good in bed."
  • "Do you ever get up?"
  • "It's good to get your finger into as many pies as possible."
  • "I didn't know you liked eating cherries."
  • "They bent over backwards and gave us exactly what we wanted."
Think about it!


10yearsin said...

M and I try to catch each other in "That's what SHE said..." all the time. It never gets old. We are truly mature.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I tend to use "GETCHA MIND OUTTA DA GUTTA!!" at points. Or sometimes "as the actress said to the bishop." That's something that always works, as the actress said to the bishop.

Catharine said...

how many of these were said to you by your gran?

Innocent Loverboy said...

None, oddly enough.

ladypandorah said...


I end up saying terribly inappropriate things at work sometimes. I should start writing them down like this when I remember. Luckily most of it goes over peoples' heads.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

I said "fuck" out loud at work once, but luckily, nobody heard!

Catharine said...

and some of them were such grandma things to say. My gran always asks me if I was in bed when she phones, even if it's 3pm.