Friday, 24 June 2011

It's Snickers... for breakfast!

I asked my dad if he would get me a Snickers the other day. He kindly did, whereupon I hid it in a drawer and resisted eating it until breakfast the following day (also known as "yesterday"). Yesterday evening, I went out specifically to use some of the (very) limited cash I have left to buy another Snickers. I repeated the breakfast today... coffee and a Snickers.

Okay, so this isn't exactly my idea. @notCatharine suggested I try it. And to be fair, I tried it twice, in order to repeat the test and see if it worked. I'm happy to report that it works. It's a complete breakfast, and one that manages to give you caffeine, sugars, fat and starch... everything you need for a balanced start to the day!

Having sweet things at the start of the day isn't a new idea. It's something that's often done in continental Europe. Two things stick out in my mind in relation to this: going to a café for a full English (or, in my case, a vegetarian variant thereof) and 47's German girlfriend ordering apple pie, and having breakfast at a week-long camp in Denmark, which often consisted of sliced white bread (with or without spreads), thin strips of cheese and little slabs of chocolate. And in France, of course, pain au chocolat is a staple of choice for breakfast options.

So I made myself a nice coffee... milk, sucralose-based sweetener (because I'm losing weight, apparently, says the boy who just ate a large bar of chocolate for breakfast), caffeine... took a sip. Tasted good. Smoothed out the Guardian in front of me, cracked open the Snickers, and sank my teeth into the bar.

Everything momentarily stopped.

I hadn't eaten Snickers in so long. We rarely ever get chocolate bars in this house - Dad doesn't like chocolate, so he doesn't buy them. He buys things like Club, and Geobars. Both nice, but not real chocolate bars. Not like Snickers. And, dear sweet lord, the taste was heavenly. In that first bite, the nougat, peanuts, caramel and chocolate all blended together with the lingering taste of coffee still in my mouth. Pure, unadulterated bliss. The minute I swallowed, I took another sip of coffee, and then took another bite.

I just couldn't stop. I kept going back. Coffee. Snickers. Nibbling, chewing thoroughly, letting every part of my mouth experiencing the flavour. Again. Again. I wanted more - I needed more - so I gave myself more. And I just kept going, every bit of Snickers revving up my need for more chocolate, more coffee, just indulging in this gorgeous bar of marvellousness, enrobed in chocolate.

I let out a contented sigh when all that was left was an empty wrapper and a cup with just the dregs of coffee remaining. I drank a cup of orange juice to finish off the breakfast... and trotted off to the face the day.

That was nice, I thought to myself, I might do it again tomorrow.

And guess what? I did!

And that's how I learned to love breakfast.


Catharine said...

I am so glad I converted you! It's the best breakfast ever. Although I do fancy apple pie for breakfast too.

Innocent Loverboy said...

If I liked apple pie, I'd agree! But it's one of the things I don't like. I don't like apples... or the texture.

Catharine said...

well, it's probably for the best, if you don't like custard.