Thursday, 9 June 2011

HNT: Thigh-L-B

Don't particularly like this one, but I just can't disagree with a sexy girl too much. And she liked it.

Things I don't like about this photo:
- The angle makes my thighs look fat. They're fat anyway, but this one in particular. The one on the left is a more accurate representation.
- Red spots. Yuck.
- Do I need that much hair? It's manly, apparently, but still...
- Yellow T-shirt and blue dotted Y-fronts don't go too well together.

Still, you get to see my bulge a bit. And if you scroll down, you don't have to look any more. So there's the silver lining, I guess!


Catharine said...

You do need that much hair, yes!

wife10yearsin said...

*bulge* tee hee!