Monday, 2 May 2011


Don't have anything specific to write about so I'll just say a few things here.

- Special shoutout to Sexaholic BBW for starting a new website. You'll still have to persuade me more to buy a Mac, though. It's not happening yet.

- Also many thanks to @ladypandorah for being generally lovely and dedicating her 5,000th tweet to me. I hope her scratching took place.

- I'm meeting another blogger tomorrow afternoon! Just having a quick coffee and a chat with her and then I jet off to Mitch Benn's Distraction Club. And then later in the week we have the CCK Social, and possibly Spiritual Space as well; check me out, bein' a socialite.

- This is the first month that I haven't had to move anyone from hero to villain, meaning that everyone on the list has posted at least once this month! Excellent work, fellow sex bloggers - keep it up! (The only one I did move is James, but not because he didn't post - because he said he's leaving for a while. Keep in touch, sinnerman!)

- And finally... I have unassailable proof that I am, in fact, purest of pure and goodest of good. How? Well, I walked past a Nationwide ATM the other day, and as my hand brushed it, this immediately printed out:

I didn't even know they could do anything except numbers.
Quite the coup de grace.


ladypandorah said...

Are you having us on, ILB?! How did that print out? I trust you not to fib on here, so what is going on with the ATM. You're adding to my already all-time-high confusion today with all the Bank Holidaying I've been doing lately.

Enjoy the blogger meet-up tomorrow and yes, I did get my claws in to him eventually. And the sheets. And into my palm too...had little red cresents linger there for a little while.

Ever lovely,
LP xx

Innocent Loverboy said...

I don't know, lovely Lady... honest to God, I had nothing to do with the smiley face printing out. It must be my aura; that's the only reason I can think of. Certainly cheered me up on my way back from the Job Centre, anyway.

I'm glad you got your much-needed release. Back to work tomorrow? My advice, even though you probably don't need it... let the wave of whatever he does to you carry you through the working day. Yeah, it's a demanding job, but I'm sure that the occasional happy memory can help you keep smiling through.

Much love.

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