Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I was supposed to meet Nimue yesterday afternoon to have a quick coffee and chat - half an hour of that while she sped through London, ane before I headed off to the Distraction Club. Needless to say, this didn't happen. But, y'know, in a good way. I did meet Nimue, and I did go to the Distraction Club. The main difference being that I was with Nimue for an hour and a half, since she was running a lot earlier than expected. And that's a good thing, too, since she was a great conversationalist.

I had plenty of questions about her, but the discussion roamed free, as it is wont to do when you have two geeks and a large amount of coffee. Lurching back and forth like a broken rollercoaster, the talk sped through the relative merits of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, how Paul Park can't write, Flowers for Algernon, and another one she couldn't remember (I left my 'phone on all night in case she did remember and I got a 3am text. I didn't, though). My deeply ingrained love of musical theatre came out when we talked about Lloyd Webber, including a surprisingly deep discussion about Superstar and how I viewed it from a Christian perspective. We talked about relationships - easy enough to talk about when one of you is a serial monogamist and the other is polyamorous and bisexual - and the complicated (yet hilarious) spider diagrams that can emerge when you put a community group together for a while. And we talked about the adult industry, and the shoots she's been doing - granted, we mostly talked about different ways of web design in which to create a website to publish the shoots, but that's an integral part!

Hey, stick with what you know, right?

Buzzing slightly from sexy geek and caffeine overload, I made my way to Mitch Benn's Distraction Club in the evening. This was great, as it was last time around. To be perfectly frank, I enjoyed the music and comedy a little more last time around - but this one had its moments too. During one of the intervals, I started a cuddle orgy in the corner with H and a quite drunk 47 on either side, our two other friends joining in too. Well, I say cuddle orgy. It looked for a while like I was a rapper with two bitches, one either side. I didn't have any bling, though, which may have spoiled the illusion. Still, it was very sweet. Well, kind of.
I went to the bar and spotted Abby Lee buying a drink, said a quick hello to her (having done this, also, the second time I went to a Mitch Benn gig) and shook her hand. Very surreal, but nice. I was also pleased to see that @MsClara appeared to recognise me by face as I picked up my ticket.

In Oxford Circus on the way home the busker was playing Losing My Religion. I had a sudden Glee moment and sang along. H took my hand and we danced to it, before she remembered she was going the wrong way and dahed off to get the train in the opposite direction. I tossed my last 20p into the busker's hat and descended the escalator.

A rather disjointed day, then - perhaps not as disjointed as the aforementioned Order of the Phoenix (which I've just realised I should probably spell Pheonix as Scroobius Pip commands me, although it looks wrong to me somehow), but in a good way. Lots of caffeine via coffee, cake, coke and (mentioning) kink, conversation and movement and music and comedy. And dancing.

Yeah, I can cope with that.


Anna said...

Pheonix is the one thing I disagree with Pip on, but as he follows it with "think for yourselves", I think that's probably ok.

ladypandorah said...

ITV clearly agrees that it should be spelt 'Pheonix'. When they aired it last year, the intro screen after the advert breaks had that spelling rather than the 'other one'.

Amused me to point this out but strangely no-one else cared.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

To be honest I'm still going with "Phoenix", as I've always gone by an assumption that in a two-vowel combination, the second letter is what you pronounce.

Example: the "ee" sound in "field".

I understand that's not a golden rule - in the English langauge very few things make sense, but that's the intrinsic beauty of the language! - but it's what I go with when "phoenix" is concerned.

I don't like to say I disagree with Scroobius Pip. But in that case I do.

Not that it matters one iota. The book's still a little disjointed.

Nimue said...

It was lovely to meet you and get a chance to chat about everything we managed to chat about!!! I dont remember the name of the other book (I know, I'm useless!!) but I do need to point out Frank Turner and are two of my faves of his at the moment!!!

Innocent Loverboy said...

Great to meet you too. I won't say anything else here because of my titanic comment on your blog in response to your most recent post, but thanks!

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