Saturday, 7 May 2011

Maxine's Munch

Despite the slightly maudlin discussions about any possible future (or lack thereof) of the CCK shop, and the earlier absolute flattening of the Yes2AV campaign, last night's CCK social was one of the best I've attended, and I did leave feeling rather buoyant, having taken in:-

- a large amount of chocolate porn and the sulky catfights resulting from the same
- the greatest amount of glee I've ever seen derived from a sex toy catalogue and fomulative plans for a blog, growing from a planted mental seed
- usage of Twitter leading to a rather marvellous gatecrasher
- vociferous pro-AV discussions across the board (example quote: "what, so everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter accounts for less than 30% of the electorate?")
- lots and lots (and lots) of cider (or, in my case, water)
- getting all intellectual and casually namedropping Kinsey in a discussion about sexuality
- @tajasel tapping away at her netbook, managing to juggle being social and debating strenuously online with consummate skill
- the occasional, yet quite obligatory, cute overload
- end-of-night discussions about a girl fondue

Evidently a good night. I did have to budget for it, though, as my overdraft is currently getting a pounding not dissimilar to something I saw on RedTube recently. £17.78 was my figure, but evidently I managed to fail at this, going over that by £1 because I forgot about service charge. Still, I paid it... because when your waitress doesn't object to discussions which involve holding up pictures of a large rainbow dildo, not paying serivce charge isn't exactly an option, really.

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