Monday, 11 April 2011


My Yahoo! Mail address is a breeding ground for the stupidest spam I've ever seen. Yes, I'm using Yahoo! Mail. Don't judge me.

The reason I started using Yahoo! Mail stems from the fact that I already have an account on Windows Live! Hotmail, Google Mail, talk21 (now replaced by Yahoo! Mail anyway), and a more personal one. You know, one of those e-mail accounts that's actually not web-based. Remember those? Yeah, I've got one of those. Yahoo! was the only service left, so I set up an e-mail address under a false name ("Tim"), and when it came to writing ILB, it turned out that I got here a little too late. No old Blogger accounts were still available, and I had to get a new Google account. I've now got 4. Really should get around to deleting one of those.

Also, if anyone knows a way to set up a Blogger account, that would be handy. There must be some sort of way to hack it. Or I could just cop out and set up a new Google account that isn't signed into by using the Yahoo! address. Hmmm. I shall ponder.


Some spam is just so self-referential it's difficult to believe the spam merchants actually thought anyone would fall for their scams. We all know spam occasionally uses misspellings and the odd grammatical error to get past a webmail spam barrier; even Yahoo!'s rudimentary one copes quite well. But then we have this.

Email m.e. .at and i am go^ing to respond bac$%k with m!y private! %pho^tog&raph@s.

Seriously, that's a verbatim copy of the e-mail. I didn't genuinely think that it would ever be that ridiculous! Here's a tip, guys. Don't do it in every single word. Just a suggestion.

Still, the name this e-mail was sent under? It was this:


So maybe it was just a prediction of my response. And quite an accurate one, at that.

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