Monday, 4 April 2011

Old friends

Following an involuntary foray back into singledom, I've managed to net myself a new collection of online friends, which is a good thing - connecting with new people, getting closer to people I'd been spying on from the sidelines before, and maintaining, as best I can, old links with old people (who, like me, are often young people, er... if that makes any sense). It is, after all, a lonely vigil, living out of this room. And with new friends come new experiences, and new ways of thinking.

Sometimes, though, it is just good to get back to what you know.

Retro fever can be strong sometimes. When it comes to wank fodder, sometimes the old things are the best. And by that, I don't mean by date - I mean old for the person in question. It's one of the points I've been trying to make by doing Soft Porn Sunday. They say (whoever "they" are) that familiarity breeds contempt, but if you've been watching something for years upon years and it still makes brings you to orgasm, then it's clearly doing something right. And, for that matter, so are you.

Retro fever caught me by the balls this afternoon and, while screaming in pain, my mind whizzed backwards. I want to pleasure myself. What do I choose? My fertile imagination, much overused already today, needed a rest. Where does the stimulus come from? I almost opened the box that contains the DVDs - but thought better of it. I almost cracked open my zip case full of CD-Rs with countless downloaded soft porn scenes - but thought better of that. I almost turned on my external HD and opened VLC Media Player - but though better of that, too. I needed something from way back when, something that used to be so familiar as to be now unfamiliar... but something that works.

It's amazing I remembered the URL. Hundreds of little flash games came up before my eyes, almost spoiling me for choice. Again, the plethora of various sources of sex came at me. Booty Call? No. Holio U? No. Three Way? Sigma vs. Omega? Meet and Fuck? Britney? No. I needed something more immediate, more now. Bingo.

My mouse pointer flew to the search box. Click. Tap, tap, tap, tap, my keyboard went, typing the four letters that I knew would lead to one flash game, and one flash game only. And there it was, in all its corny glory. The same graphics, the same scenario, the same music, with its characteristic electric guitar riff repeated over and over again. It even had the same faded "sample" watermark making its presence felt, implying that it had been ripped from its original home. And I felt nothing short of blissful, for a short time. Safe in the knowledge that this very simple cartoon would bring me the orgasm that I craved (and it did), and that I knew where it would be.

And now back to the new.

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