Wednesday, 27 April 2011


[16 hours ago:]

@masochisticteen: Can't sleep. Anyone want to come and gently lick my pussy up and down until I drift away?
that's exactly what I need too!
@masochisticteen: I'll do yours if you do mine!
@tryitprincess: that sounds like the perfect solution!
@innocentlb: I've done the licking to sleep thing. It's very sweet.
I love it!

It's odd, really, when you think about it, that oral sex can be so soporific, when it is generally a stimulant. But, as with all sexual practices, when you consider the aim, it doesn't need to be so odd after all.

Cunnilingus can be performed many, many different ways, and in the way that @maoschisticteen describes it above, I can see how it would help one, as she puts it, drift away. The gentle, rhythmic thrum of a tongue slowly working its way up and down pussy lips can provide a steady beat - especially if it's not too fast - which can regulate breathing, eye movements under closed lids, and the circulation. It's all psychosomatic, but it does work - that's why regular movements of a watch in front of your eyes makes you sleepy, and most genres of music designed to relax you, like chill, have a regular beat underlying.

Then there's the act itself - sex is a very relaxing activity. Even after frantic, urgent, energetic sex, the calm that washes over you afterwards works on many different levels. But you don't need to experience orgasm to effect the relaxation. The body reacts to sexual stimulation by releasing endorphins (and we all know the connecton between that and chocolate), which make you happy. And the happy feeling makes it easier to feel calm. If you do experience orgasm, then that's surely a bonus, right...?

Oral sex can produce a feeling of being blissed out. Well, most things can, but oral sex in particular. I've never experienced it myself, but then again, I haven't received much oral sex - I've induced it plenty of times though. Of course, there's the danger of frustration if you are brought to the brink of orgasm and it doesn't happen... but if you don't concentrate too hard, you can feel very peaceful while receiving oral sex (orgasm or not!), which can't make it too hard to drift off.

Somebody should market this as an effective cure for insomnia...

I, of course, volunteer!

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