Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Just let your boyfriend be your guide!

I read a lot of blogs, and I occasionally read erotica. I've even had cybersex (and some people send me logs of their cybersex sessions, which is remarkably odd, but why not?) and it's often amazing to see how many different phrases, verbs and nouns people use to describe sex or sexual acts. I wrote a post about how it's called "sex" a few years back, and spent a month keeping an ear out for sex references, both oblique and explicit, and yet that barely scratches the surface. I love these words and phrases, and I have a few that I keep as my personal favourites.

My favourite phrase is "[to] guide [someone] through their orgasm."

It's not as unusual a phrase as it may seem at first. It's also not really something you should be thinking of doing - it should come naturally. But I think awareness of the practice is a good thing too.

As far as I see it, when you "guide" someone through their orgasm, they have to be orgasming first, obviously. I'd like to hope you've made them do that too - otherwise, what the hell were you doing? But that's guiding to orgasm, not through orgasm. It's not the end of the journey. Guiding someone through their orgasm, as I put it, is the act of keeping going, despite the peak of sexual excitement being evident. Why keep going? Well, for a start, it feels great...

...but there's a bit more than that. It doesn't have to be hard and fast (in fact, from what I've heard, it's better if it isn't); those extra few thrusts, maybe getting slower (but deeper) as you go, while she orgasms, serve to "help" the orgasm... after all, it's extra pleasure, right? I've always made a point of continuing to lick, even if her thighs are clenched very tightly around my head and she's screaming, gently, until the orgasm's finished. It helps prolong the experience, and hopefully, make it a little more intense, and better for all involved!

I mean, what are you going to do - just let them get on with it? That's lame. It's not masturbation, it's sex. Vive la difference!

And then we have cleaning up, maybe also involving creative use of the tongue. And aftershocks. But we can deal with those too.

Hopefully by eliciting another orgasm...

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