Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Check it out. It took a bit of file conversion and multiple saves, but I did it in the end.

This is my BlackBerry running a video of soft porn. I've wanted to get it to do so for a while, but I haven't been resourceful enough (or bored enough) to do so yet.

So, here's what I did: I lined my BlackBerry into my netbook via USB and, rather than accessing the functions, I just opened it as a folder. I had to get some video off it anyway, so this was the ideal opportunity to try. I ppopped a soft porn CD in, and copied this scene to my hard drive, re-copied it into my BlackBerry and... the video didn't load. Unsupported file type. Bugger.

I re-copied the file to a new folder, checked BlackBerry fora to find out what file types it supported. MPEG was listed but this didn't seem to work anyway, but I saw that WMV was. So I opened Microsoft's rudimentary Movie Maker and dragged the file into the view screen. Put it into the timeline and then exported that. Movie Maker automatically saves files as WMV, so I didn't really need to do anything clever with this.

Viewed the WMV and it seemed to work fine. Bit rate and resolution were a bit lower, but it's going onto a mobile, they don't need to be. Copied this onto my BlackBerry, and it works.

I have soft porn on my phone.

Yeah, it's probably nothing compared to what some other people have on their phones... but who cares? It's my phone... and it's my porn!

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