Wednesday, 30 March 2011


What's wrong, girl? Don't you want to hug me?

I'll hug you if you're a boy, of course - I'm not one to discriminate - but it'll probably be one of those violent man hugs, with back-slapping and it all being over very quickly. You know, in case anyone sees. If you're a girl, I'll take my time.

And why not? Who doesn't like hugs?

Don't you want to be held? Don't you want to bury your face in my chest, letting my heartbeat lull you to sleep? Don't you want my arms to hold you steady, making you feel safe - secure - grounded? Don't you want to feed off my warmth, keeping you heated in these chilly Spring days? Do you not want me to stroke your hair, make you feel special? Letting go of all your tension, all your muscles getting looser, nerves tingling with relaxation, as you lie in my arms - do you want that? No? How about the sigh, the soft little satisfied sigh that you give as I let you calm down, unwind, maybe fall asleep?

Don't you want that?

Oh, you do? Come here, then.

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