Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sexy Chatterboxes

It's my birthday on Thursday and I've been trying to organise something to mark the totally unremarkable age of 26 bearing down on me like some sort of doom spectre bringing me one step closer to my inevitable death. I've decided upon Italian food, because it seems safe.

"Who's on your mind?" asked my mother.

@VATTSBLOG - the sweetheart
@ladypandorah - the stalwart

"You're going to invite me, aren't you?" H shouted into my ear, as we waited to see Goldie Lookin' Chain last night.

@factsnfriction - the stud
@maddyaboulton - the friend

"Where are we going to go?" asked my sister as she batted down my suggestion of Mexican food.

@Hungry_Joe - the brains
@Flirty1980 - the brains behind the brains

"When are you going to do it? On the actual day?" asked my father.

@atheatricallife - the flirt
@_gemachu_ - the funster
@Thiefree - the kindred spirit

So I created the event on Facebook, and I invited all my IRL friends - or, at least, the ones I knew would bother to turn up. But fear not, sexy Twitter friends, as much as my IRL friends mean the world to me - that extra dimension you've just added to my week... is totally indescribable.


SAO? said...

Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

@SAO? - I honestly could not care less!

Innocent Loverboy said...

@SAO, you are precisely the worst kind of person. I'll admit that SAO, although I don't mind her posts, is not one of my favourite sex bloggers, but I do read (and link to) her, and I'm guessing that's why you are here...

...and you're trying to out her why? What good does it gain you? How is that at all fun? It's just nasty. I don't care who she is. She's a sex blogger. What matters is her writing. Same for me, why aren't you trying to out me? Because I haven't been featured in some national newspapers, right?

Ridiculous. Start your own sex blog if you want to make a difference, rather than attempting to ruin one that already exists.

Scarlet said...

Ignoring the troll above, I hope you have a lovely birthday on Thursday my lovely xxx

Innocent Loverboy said...

Thanks, Scarlet! I aim to write a post on the day itself, not sure what about though!

ladypandorah said...

Aw, bless ya!

Wishing you all the best for Thursday - I'll be catching up with you next month on the age-front. Hope you get to nom on many tasty cakes!

Oh, and I double dare ya to have spaghetti veggi-meatballs. Should they be on the menu.

LP xx