Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A gentle reminder?

Okay, so last night, I saw No Strings Attached, a film which I now hold close to my heart for three reasons:

- Sex with no strings attached is a subject which I've been talking and thinking about a lot recently.
- Throughout a large portion of the film, I was convinced one of the main characters was played by Jenna Haze (she wasn't, though).
- It's the first romantic comedy I've seen without TD for years and years (and years).

It's also a good laugh. Worth seeing. And it has Natalie Portman in it, and I've respected her since Padmé (and I'll be seeing her again tonight, due to the fact that I don't drag my arse to Black Swan this evening I'll never see it).

But, as I've said, it was the first rom-com I've seen in recent times that I haven't been with TD for. It activated the "lulz romance" part of my brain and I went home thinking a lot. Hmmm, that's not good for a B, never mind an IL-one. But nevertheless...

So. I also updated a website today. One I've been saying I'll update for a while (but haven't actually done so since November). I'm meant to be updating it every month. That hasn't been happening. Mostly because I'm lazy. But anyway, I had a bit of spare time, and I'm procrastinating, so I eventually wrestled with the pages and beat the update into service. Yes, it's that painful. Even worse so than before. It seems that at this point in my life, updating a website means whatever changes I mean to make in a WYSIWYG, then accessing the raw HTML, changing the picture sizes via that, then uploading the page along with all the support files that Windows XP has decided simply must be there for the page to function properly.

I had, of course, forgotten that, within the HTML code for one specific page (the one that I update every month withour fail), I had hidden TD's name, so that I'd get a nice reminder of her whenever I changed the source. It was a little bit of a shock when I saw it and took me a few seconds to realise why it was there. Just another example of my attempting to appear clever to myself. Well, it kind of worked the first few times.
I updated, leaving the hidden text in place. Well, I figured it couldn't hurt.

Every time something comes along to remind me of her, it twinges a bit. It's a dull thud rather than a knife point... but it still hurts.

Just a little.

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