Thursday, 10 February 2011

On the other hand, with regard to sex...

...I thought, up until today, that I was suffering from some form of sexual inadequacy - or had been over the past few months. Since the combination of the "more kink" resolution and being dumped assaulted me on January 1st, the urge to orgasm seemed to, at points, be temporarily deserting me - the implications of which scared me a little. Old age? Surely not. But in situations which I used to find arousing, I wouldn't be turned on as much as I used to be. And in some cases, I'd need to touch myself, whereas I used to stand to attention at the slightest suggestion of such an event.

But I watched no more than one soft porn scene today and had a really long orgasm, the result of three days of being thoroughly depressed and totally unable to summon the energy or will to masturbate. So it's nice to know that I haven't lost the ability... and also have the sufficient knowledge to know exactly which scene to watch to effect the event.

And on that note, although I'm not happy about it, I'm now on Formspring. Ask me anything and I may deign to answer it, although I'll most likely be overly snarky or overly emotional. Fun, though, right?

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