Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Blast off, valley girl

HAY GUYZ I'm like SUPER BUSY, lol. (but as an aside to the ladiez out there, i'm not too busy to HAVE SEX WITH YOU, lol.) I wrote this list, it's like waaaaay long! it says, like, do this open mike thing, so I did and OMGZ I was so funny, everyone was laughing, deliberately I hopez! lol. anyways, so it also says, like, today go to the job centre, so I did and then tonight it's Secret Diary, and that is IMPORTANT to me cuz she's like inspirational or sumfink! lol. anyways, it also says that on Thursday I go to spiritual space! && on Friday, I to do the CCK meetup, its so cool that we can be, like, super kinky, like more than holding hands and stuff, its naughty, lol. && this is followed by a meeting wiv my friends from loooong ago, and then the loverz' guide is out next week, so it's gonna be really busy, lol. and it's also FAWM so i'm gonna play my guitar and if this wasn't a totally anonymous sex blog I'd tell you what my artist name was! lol lol lol. olay, i love ya all, gotta go masturbate now, lol!


Swing Girl said...

I just watched that movie for the very first time only a couple weeks ago.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Which movie's that, sorry? Valley Girl, or Lover's Guide?