Friday, 4 February 2011


Although sex dreams can be disturbing, they can also be nice, even if you don't think so at the time. I guess the scientific medical explanation, or something like it, is that having sex dreams is a part of the body's dealing with sexual urges in a healthy way. One does have to wonder, therefore, exactly what a dream in which you are failing to have sex is about. A manifestation of your lack of confidence, maybe?

The common plot point about last night's dream is that I had managed to pull my teeth out.


And that some sort of process had been invented via which they could put my teeth back in. Or artificial ones. Not false teeth, but actual ones that go into the gums and grow there. And I readily agreed, although still being unable to explain how I'd managed to pull all my teeth out with one small tug at them; I also attempted to get a general anaesthetic. After all, if your mouth were to be completely reconstructed, you'd probably want a general anaesthetic too.

The conversation went something like this:
"Do I get a local anaesthetic?"
"No, it doesn't hurt any more than getting your ears pierced."
"In that case I need a general anaesthetic!"

Okay, it didn't go like that. That conversation's actually from Beneath A Steel Sky. But it went something like that. Anyway, they ended up agreeing to give me a syringe full of general anaesthetic. Unwilling to inject myself with it, I drank it, and they said I needed to wait until I fell asleep. The best way to do this would be via sexual activity, so naturally, I went into a room covered with drapes and coloured sheets and attempted to seduce Brittany out of Glee. Being Birttany, she said yes, but there was a bit of a fracas involving her going to get a condom, despite the fact that I had one with me anyway, and then us being discovered. Needless to say, we didn't have sex. I went to sit in a room with my parents, who noticed I was upset, and I sent Kurt to go and see if Brittany was OK. That didn't go too well.

Later in the dream, I attended a fair in America, complete with new teeth and bags of confidence. And Robinson and, oddly, my ubiquitous parents. There was a very pretty brunette running a game stall (the only game stall there, now I think about it). I played the game (it involves rolling foam stars into holes), I won, and she gave me a prize which she said was appropriate for a lover. I didn't know why she thought I was a lover, but I didn't disagree with her. (The prize was a bag full of goodies, including a jacket not too dissimilar to the one I wore as part of a brass band...) The girl, whose name was Distinction, then decided to have sex with me, as I had clearly impressed her. The problem, as was the eventual problem with Brittany, was that we couldn't find anywhere more public to do so. We did kiss a lot, but never got further. I ended up getting her phone number as I was dragged off by my parents to return to Britain.

I'm pretty sure I know what this dream is referring to. Maybe, I'm not sure about it, but I have a fair idea. I think it may be a reference back to years ago, when I was single the last time around, and my failure to have sex with people, even though I got close. I've no idea what Brittany's significance was (Robinson has a crush on her, but not me), nor that of my teeth. Distinction's significance has got to be a reference to the fact that I missed out on a distinction in my recent academic exploits. It's the only thing I can think of to link with the name.

Of course, it could not mean anything. But it's nice to know that I can add two more to my wonderful list of virtual near misses.


ladypandorah said...

What a very detailed dream! I've heard that losing teeth in dreams is meant to be symbolic of losing the friendship of people close to you... Although I have regular dreams of my teeth crumbling or being able to be plucked out from my gums and no friends have disappeared that I know of so that theory is probably bollocks!

Mister has heard that it is about growing up - perhaps that's more applicable to your current situation with the whole job front??

Or it could just be a very interesting dream that you happen to have remembered.

Helpful as ever,
LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

I lost my girlfriend a couple of months back, and her friends with it - and my colleagues from two former jobs - so maybe that's it?

I don't wanna grow up, though. ;)

Yeah, I tend to remember a lot of my dreams. Most of them end up here, but then again, I dream about sex a lot - and who can blame me? I'm a boy in my twenties!

Do you ever dream?

ladypandorah said...

I dream a fair bit, often only remembering certain genres of dream along the lines of going on a quest with a band of fellow adventurers (usually old school friends); the regular teeth falling out in various ways; the occasional sex-dream, sometimes with Mister, mostly with women interestingly.

I've had a few really nasty dreams when I've been abused by a nasty big bristly man which has had me wake up in tears - that's a nightmare I've had at least three times.

But I'd say I'm a dreamer in the hopeful sense. I'm always looking to the possible futures I could make for myself and Mister. I like that sense of dreaming!

LP x

ILB (Phone) said...

I've had the quest dream too. But usually it goes a bit wrong or takes too long to get going, which makes me impatient.

Your dreams sound very hopeful for you and Mister. It must be a comfort to wake up with him, also, after the abusing man nightmare. Boyfriend-shaped relief, of a sort?