Friday, 14 January 2011

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening, me!

I don't care if it's cold, wet and windy. I think storms both look and sound incredibly cool. I like the mix of colours in the sky, I like the sounds of rain pattering on concrete and windows, and I like the warm feeling you get when you're inside and there's rain outside. James have this song Sometimes, which conjures up a fantastic picture of the effects of a storm on a wide area. Very cool.

I don't really 'do' fantasies, but I'd still like to have sex in a tent while there's a rain storm outside. I was just in a realtionship for over two and a half years and still haven't done that? Ah well, we didn't go camping, I guess. Maybe it's just one of those things that happens in fantasies and never really gets done.

I'm not really going anywhere with this, I just thought I needed to point these things out.

I masturbated twice last night. I wasn't particularly horny to begin with, but I masturbated sort of mid-to-late-afternoonish. To be frank, I think I'd earned it. It's not easy to get up early in the mornings and scour the depths of the Internet for jobs, especially when most of your life has gone to shit, but that's exactly what I did yesterday morning. And I sent some applications, which is at least something. I'm not getting anywhere particularly fast, but I am trying. Don't judge me (unless it's positively, in which case, you may proceed). I felt a bit turned on, wanked, felt better. It's not pleasant, but it got the job done.

Second time was late at night. I'd been up talking on MSN to a girl I hadn't talked to for about three years, so we were sort of catching up, if discussing the music of Miley Cyrus counts at catching up. Afterwards, I lay on my back on my bed and wanked again. Why? I don't know. Greed. That's about as good a reason as I can think of. My orgasm (which took a long time to manifest itself, but it did) was kind of... hesitant. If that's a way to describe it. Pleasant, but kind of... well, not weak. But adequate. Do I masturbate too much? Not enough? Do I need to find new things to do?

My New Year's resolution was to introduce more kink. But I know soft porn works and I like it. My imagination works and I like that too. And when you're on your own, how much kink can you actually introduce when you're not much of a one for sex toys? Maybe I should add something to my resolution. Try and vary masturbation, make it a little different. Be creative; be interesting. Make it count. Make the orgasms I give myself really, uh, worthy ones. Well, it's worth a try, anyway. Can't hurt... too much.

Ah, the storm's stopped. I spent the time writing about wanking. Typical, eh?

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Lady Pandorah said...

Perfect ;p

And what's all this about 'It's not pleasant, but it got the job done'? If you're turned on, nothing wrong with doing something lovely about it - with another or alone!

And sex in a tent during a storm is acutely life-affirming.

LP x