Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sonorous Sleeping

So I have this recurring dream, but it's kind of odd. Odder than usual, I mean. By which I mean, it doesn't involve any sex.

If my dreams don't invovle sex, they almost always involve music. I have an innate love of musicals, specifically of the type in which people burst randomly into song at inopportune moments - such as in the modern version of The Producers, where they are aware they are singing but there's nothing weird about it, or Glee, which is centred around a show choir but involves spontaneous singing as well as actual performances. The antithesis to this is something like Cabaret, in which all the songs are staged. It is my firm belief that life would be better if people could randomly burst into song for no apparent reason and not particularly remark upon it. Even better if the songs are good.

I've been writing songs since I was very young and occasionally I have dreams in which people do randomly burst into song, รก la Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and the songs therein are very good indeed (although generally there's only one of them). This dream, which I've had twice, is such a dream.

The defining factors are thus: I am dating a member of Belle Amie. Why I'm doing this I don't know. I don't even watch The X Factor, on account of the fact that it is shit. I don't even know who the members of Belle Amie are or what they look like. But in the dream, I'm dating one of them. Well, I guess someone has to. Plus, it involves a structure which is either the shopping precinct in my local town or the place I used to work until two weeks ago. Or both. In the version of the dream I had last night it appeared to be both.

In the dream, I begin to sing a song, aided by the member of Belle Amie who I am dating. She picks it up and the other three members, who appear to be randomly hanging around standing in a straight line, sing harmony and backing vocals. The song has main lines and then chorus vocals in an echo, somewhat similar to Queen's Somebody To Love - again, in a Glee style. And it's one of the best songs I've ever written. Or heard. Or whatever.
At this point, it grows fuzzy. I can remember thinking, "right, I'm going to write this song down, and we can get Belle Amie to sing it, it will be a hit." I'm certain of it. I know that if I write the lyrics down and remember the tune, we can get a good enough girl band version down. Easy.

I can't, of course, remember the song when I wake up. I tried extremely hard to this morning. I stretched and stretched my memory but could only remember these few sketchy details and nothing else. Certainly none of the lyrics.

If I evere remember them, I'm writing them down. It will be the best thing I've ever written. But until then, the song about hentai will have to retain that title...

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