Saturday, 1 January 2011


So. 2011 is here and so far it's been pretty unremarkable. Ah, well.

I've made some resolutions. As always, I don't intend to keep them, so that if they do happen, it will be a nice surprise. There are some customary boring ones that almost certainly won't happen - things like "get a more permanent job" and "learn to drive" - but I've also decided to add "be more interesting sexually", or something to that effect. Not that my sex life is in any way boring - which it isn't, it's very healthy - but I'm becoming a lot more curious in my old age (I'm 26 in a couple of months, good lord!) and I'd like to explore a bit - more intriguing for me, but more entertaining, I'd hope, for not only me, but for TD, and of course my audience (that's you... except I'd prefer to think of you as my friends, if that's all right!)

So, here's what I intend to do at some points (dates of points unspecified):
- More kink. I'm still quite vanilla and, although I like no-frills sex, it could be quite fun to experiment with a few things. Frills, for example. Try light bondage again, try costumes, roleplay, spanking... see what works and what doesn't. Experiment.
- Use more of the stuff in the bag of sex things under my bed. Play with buzzing things and lubes that Durex sent me. Try it all out and see what works.
- Sex in more exotic places. Go on holiday. Have sex outside (still really want to do that). Learn to drive and have sex in the car. Be naughty, First Of May-stylée.
- Get involved with the creation of erotica on some level. Write some erotica, write some music for soft porn, be present at a shoot (a friend of mine did this and even appeared in a porn film, although not as a sex part), write a script. Improve my knowledge of the adult industry and use it to appear intelligent and sexually liberated.
- Strengthen links with the sex blogger community and do the same with the London kink community. Send e-mails. Go on MSN more often, chat to people on Twitter, leave more comments on blogs. Keep going to the CCK meetups. Go to things I'm invited to, meet new people with the same interests. If you work out how to do this, let me know.
- Blog more often! I love this blog, but of late I've seemed to be a bit lax in its usage. Express myself more via the medium of electronic words! Get working again with sexual desire, recollections, things spied out and about, and humour!

So there you have it. I hope you'll all support me through this journey that I'm probably not going to advance much upon. But wouldn't it be fun if I actually did some of this stuff?

Happy, sexy new year, everyone!

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