Wednesday, 5 January 2011


While I very much enjoy watching from the sidelines, sometimes I almost reveal that I know too much.

I had a driving lesson today. It went fairly well. I drove around the block a few times, stopped and talked to the driving instructor. I stated that I had been learning to drive but had taken a six-year break, doing little things like going to university. Twice.

"Do you know what MSM stands for?" she said.
Men who have sex with men.
"MSM?" I repeated.
It's a commonly-used abbreviation.
"Take a guess."
One of my gay friends taught me it, and according to Ben Schott, it's used a lot in the medical world.
"Men who..."
"Men? No, it's mirror, signal, maneovure."
Right, so try not to think about gay men while driving.
"Oh, gay! I mean, okay!"

I hope that there isn't an acronym like BBW or SWF that comes up at any point.

Although, now I think about it, SWF is also a shockwave file...

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