Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fortune favours the Innocent

I spent all day talking to the gorgeous Sexaholic BBW. I got invited to see a preview of a documentary/educational "Lovers' Guide" film in the evening. I went. I saw it, it was very good (review to come). I spent the rest of the evening with a very odd selection of drinking buddies, mainly: Anna (features writer for the Sunday Mirror's celebrity magazine) and her boyfriend, who is the manager of his own company, Emily Dubberley (sex writer, featured in Scarlet and other things, also freelance, also wrote the script for the film) and her boyfriend, Tom, who is a professional chef. Hi, if any of you are reading this!

Everyone talked openly about sex for hours. I drank lots of Diet Coke (it was free). Got a caffeine buzz and flew home. As you can imagine, I am still a bit high. Buzzing after what was, in the end, a pretty incredible day. Drinking hot chocolate and attempting to calm down.

Expect two posts coming tomorrow / whenever - a review of the film (I promised to review it) and another more reflective post about the evening. Hey, it deserves two posts. Don't judge me!


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