Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Seriously, getting a bit worried now...

Woke up with a picture in my head. Not someone I've been dreaming about... just a picture. A girl on a bed, topless. Damn! Who is she? I knew I'd seen her before... but I also knew I didn't know her. But then why was she in my head?

I closed my eyes. Where have I seen her before? Blonde hair, long. Straight but possibly straightened. Slim. Big boobs. A small amount of fluid movement. This is different, I thought. I'd been dreaming about making love to my girlfriend overnight... so where had this woman come from?

I pieced bits of the puzzle together. Blonde... is it the random blonde from Cruel Intentions 3? No, that's a bit too random. Syren? No, this girl's face is different, plus I've never seen Syren topless. Power Girl? No, not that busty. Princess Peach? No, that's just wrong on all levels. Wake up, brain! Wake up!

Thoughts rattled around in my head. Blonde. Slim. Boobs. And a small amount of movement... where's the movement from? Falling... falling backwards onto a bed. A small flop backwards, landing on a bed. It's one of those classic moves. Easy. I must have seen it in soft porn. But whom?

I sat up. Blinked. And then it hit me with full force.

Anna Nicole Smith.

And she's been dead for years.

What the fuck? Why...?

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