Monday, 6 December 2010

Public Display of Transport

So I had this dream the other day, I've had it before: I'm masturbating on a bus. And people are looking at me strangely. You know, as they probably would.

This being Britain, nobody is saying anything, but I'm getting disapproving glares from motherly-looking women a few seats away. There's nobody sitting next to me, but all the seats have access to a telescreen, which is - naturally - showing porn. I can't exactly remember the specifics of the porn, mind you; I remember it being boy/girl, and the girl has long, curly hair. Is there a story? Can't remember. Where are they? Can't remember. My memory recalls a chair, and varying positions, and a white background. But I can't remember what the porn's about. Maybe one day I will.

The odd thing about this dream - you know, apart from that whole "wanking in public transport" thing - is that it is in fact a sequel to another dream, in which I was doing exactly the same thing on a train. Same set-up, same porn, same activity. Except that in the train dream, I was so far away from everyone else in the carriage that nobody noticed. I think I may have even climaxed in that one (although not in real life; it wasn't a wet dream), which is also a bit of a novelty. And maybe it's natural, since I got away with it that first time, that I did so again, on the bus. That was the second incidence of this dream. The one the other day was #3.

Still with me so far? Good.

The variation between #2 and #3 was more minimal than the train/bus debacle. Dream #2 ended when I noticed the women glaring at me. I remember being pretty scared that they noticed me, and considering pulling my trousers up. But then the dream ended. Whereas in #3, I did pull my trousers up. Or started to, anyway. But then they'll notice, I thought to myself. They'll notice I'm pulling my trousers up, and then they'll certainly know what I was doing! You understand the predicament? Again, I don't exactly know what happened to my dream-self, because at that point, I awoke with a start.


Will I ever have to face the repercussions or pulling my trousers up, as a result of watching porn on a telescreen on a bus, forcing me to maturbate in front of motherly women on their morning run? Well, in real life... no. But, just to satisfy my curiosity, can I push for a threequel? Something which confirms what happens to poor, sweet ILB, who clearly can't wait until he gets home to administer sexual gratification to himself?

Next time, I'm pushing for a hovercraft.

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