Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pressure's On

TD likes it when I put pressure on her, although not exactly in the emotional sense. I'm not the kind of person who would even attempt to pressure someone into doing anything anyway, the only exception being talking my mother into giving up eating fish when I was eight, so I'm not likely to do that either. She likes the physical pressure; I didn't realise this until yesterday, when she said so.

I mean, I knew she liked me pressing my knee up between her legs, but I just assumed this was because my largeish knee would be able to touch clit, vagina and anus all at the same time. I knew she liked my arms around her, but I assumed this was because they made her feel safe. I knew she liked me holding her, but I assumed that was... actually, I don't know that one, but I assumed it, okay?

Turns out she likes the pressure.

I'd like to point out that I'm not as strong as she thinks I am. I don't even know why she thinks I'm strong. I'm not. I have trouble with jam jar lids, opening the back door, and lifting the TV. I do have muscular enough arms (well, not really, just arms without the fat that covers the rest of my body), but that's due to playing guitar, violin and drums, as well as masturbating chronically since the age of 17. I do have the urge to stretch so far I feel like I could grow a couple of extra inches sometimes, but that doesn't mean there's muscle there, it just means I'm weird.

Or I'm an angel and my wings are growing inwards, causing the urge to stretch. I like that explanation more.

Anyway, she likes the pressure. She likes my knee pressing in between her legs. She likes my chest flat against her back. She likes my arms holding her. Tightly.

What is this? An extra desire for intensity? Probably not. But I'll do it, I'll put the pressure on her.

Just... not too much. Or I'll expend all the energy I need for sex. And where's the pressure in that?


The Drinker said...

Arms is safety, security. Nothing can touch me when you wrap me up. I like to feel the weigh of you on me. I like to know, categorically, physically, that you are there. I miss you, I miss you, the presence of your body, when you are not here.

Innocent Loverboy said...

And I feel the need to be with you too. Now that's pressure.