Friday, 26 November 2010


My BlackBerry is acting up and taking a few seconds more than usual to load anything at the moment. I've cleared the caché and have put it on charge. I hope the change is temporary.

It's probably my fault for attempting to watch soft porn on the train, so I'll admint my guilt here in the hope that a blessing from the community will heal my BlackBerry spiritually. But probably not.

In my defence, I wasn't actually attempting to watch soft porn for tittilation, or ejaculation - it's a TRAIN; there were COMMUTERS. I was bored, tired, cranky and boxed in and so I decided to see if I could load soft porn in order to see if I could. If it were physically possible. TD and I watched this and this and this via her BlackBerry the night before, so a scene from The Virgins Of Sherwood Forest shouldn't be so hard to find.

In all honesty, it wasn't hard to find. It was loading that was difficult. And after a few minutes, my thoughts (which had previously been "this is naughty, loading soft porn on a train") turned into "attempting to stream soft porn on a train? what was I thinking?". Streaming be the operative word. The angle my BlackBerry was at, my cold hands could only touch a few keys at a time, and I wasn't about to expend energy by attempting to find a version for download. Streaming it would be fine - if only for a few seconds.

Except it didn't work. Because it refused to stream. And then when I gave up (because we were actually pulling into London, that's how long it took), my BlackBerry got all grouchy and didn't want to work to the best of its abilities. I managed to field a call from TD at that point, but on the Tube, it just wasn't switching screens (signal or no signal) without a little "loading" icon appearing first.

I didn't even know that icon existed.

Still, I refuse to be defeated. I'll use a USB cable and transfer an MPEG onto my BlackBerry myself. Because, apart from anything else, I just want to PROVE it can be done. No other reason whatsoever.

Because, after all, if at first you don't succeed... fail, fail again!


Anonymous said...

I love soft kinda makes one feel that they need to behave or they are going to get caught. Uh oh but fun ;-)


Innocent Loverboy said...


Although I like soft porn for a bunch of other reasons too - the music, the expressions, the camera work, and the fact it leaves a lot more to the imagination!