Saturday, 6 November 2010


wheee, say the fireworks. wheee. bang, crackle, bang, bang, bang. bang, say the fireworks. the night sky lights up briefly. fireworks battle with pollution. pollution wins. the fireworks become invisible. black like the night sky.

throb, says my head. throb, throb, throb. i am lying there, sprawled. my bed's surface is soft underneath me. i feel the soft, warm, jumper. trousers hang helplessly off my waist, socks are odd. white poppy impaled, pinned to my top. i am helpless, a slave to my own lazy inclinations. my head throbs continuously and all i can do is lie there.

ahead of me, my toy rabbit lies on his back. i cannot reach for oxford, he is too far away. guitar tuner, cordless telephone, newspaper with job adverts. they are all there. they are all useless to me. bang, say the fireworks.

a tear works its way out of my eye. i am tired. i am lazy. trickle, says the tear. it snakes down my nose and falls onto the cover. drip. drip. drip.

no more thoughts. feelings all gone. i just exist. i cannot move. energy is a concept now. one which i do not possess.

soft sheets. clothes. radiator heat. oxford. bang. brief lights. throb.

i cannot move.

drip... drip... drip...

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