Saturday, 13 November 2010


Beware! Lazy post with many pictures, ahoy!

So, I went to this month's CCK social and...
...this is a fairly adequate visual depiction of how it felt. Exactly like a Belgian waffle with melted chocolate on it.

And look at this!Time printed = amount. This is probably why they stop serving at 00:00.

And look at the exact amount of loose change I found in my wallet!

Aquinas, eat your heart out... this is proof of God's existence.

Towards the end of the night I decided to make a sculpture by wrapping the salt-cellar in white napkins and sealing it with melted wax from the candles on the table. I also used melted wax to seal a brown sugar cube to the top. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Next week: Erotica 2010. A rather different experience. I probably won't take so many pictures, though.


Gothicat said...

I actually forgot it was this friday. I was meant to come for my birthday cake. Being off sick from cck has been hard and i need to visit at some point. I go away soon for my birthday though so it might not be until i get back... glad you had fun though

ladypandorah said...

Interesting..ah...sculpture there.

That waffle is to die for! For some reason, I've not found anywhere in the region of Devon I am in that serves waffles. Must be a London thing, sadly for me.

And yay! for Erotica 2010! Can't wait to catch up with my lovely Uni girls when we head up there!

LP x

Scarlet said...

I now want a chocolate waffle badly

Innocent Loverboy said...

Gothi: Yes, I keep meaning to meet you somehow! Maybe in the future, I will... maybe...

LP: But Devon... waffles... in my head they sound synonymous... for some odd reason.
Try this, though. Thick slice of white bread, spread it with strawberry jam, then thick cream, and eat immediately. That's called a "Devon slice" and is a good waffle substitute. I think.

Scarlet: Mwahahaha!