Sunday, 24 October 2010

Still got it.

There's this chat room I go to. Every Sunday. I own it, actually. Not that it was my brainchild to begin with, but I've been going ever since I was in my mid-teens and a few years ago I took ownership. The first chat session after I became the overlord was fantastic - one of the best. It has regular visitors, one of whom is 47, and another of whom... is Louise.

Who turned up in chat tonight, completely unexpectedly.

Since there were loads of other people in chat (a rare occurrence, but a really nice one - the chat room's still got its pull after eleven years), she didn't say anything too untoward - even if she is a little unrestrained at times - but at one point I did go and make some toast and hot chocolate (another chat ritual for me) and came back to find this comment left in my absence:

[Louise]: This room isn't half as sexy without [ILB] in it.

I left a lasting impression, evidently.

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