Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sex in Stratford


The outside of this hotel looks like a Tudor building, the reception looks like that of a modern hotel, some bits of it look like a pub, the corridors look like they may fall apart at any moment and the rooms all look nice enough. It's a building that's paused mid-evolution. Very strange; very cool. This is as opposed to my girlfriend, who was so hot she had taken all her clothes off.

No, seriously, that's the reason. I hadn't seen her naked for some time, though, which is probably why I got pretty excited upon seeing her that way. Of course, the soft, gentle brush of skin against skin worked, too, as we got down to some pretty intense cuddles (intense cuddles are like cuddles, but to the max). It had been far too long. Too long. And we were on holiday, yeah, what are holidays for?

I slid downwards, kissing her cleavage, her belly button, and her thighs. Her legs steadily opened, and I dragged the tip of my tongue steadily up the lips of her vagina, as I am wont to do. She let out a long, guttural moan. I've missed that moan. I've missed the taste, the feeling. I've missed this girl. But there's no time for reflection, I reflected, this is time for action! So I took action. The repetitive action. Long, careful licks. Occasional changes of pace: flicks back and forth, gentle prods at the clit, using both lips, and the space between. Breathe. Do it again. Breathe. Blow gently along the line. Again. Again.

I adjusted my body, bent my neck to restore its feeling. Licked precisely between her lips, so I could taste the opening of her pussy. Warm, wet. Familiar but delightful. I kept licking, dutifully hitting the points. I could feel her orgasm vibrate before I heard her announce its presence, and I kept my head there, licking still, helping guide her through her orgasm. It subsided (although it took a while to do so), I stood up and cleaned my face.

We exchanged heavy breathing for a few seconds. I was hard. Throbbing. Needy. Eager. No lack of energy, no question as to what should be done. I practically fell on top of her. I penetrated her easily. A few seconds pause while I thought to myself, it's so nice, this. Being inside a girl. Inside this girl. I could feel the muscles of her inside walls squeeze, moulding themselves around my shape. I'd forgotten that even happened, or the degree to which I could feel it. I looked down at her, and started to move.

"I'm coming... I'm coming again!" she whispered into my ear.
"Come on then, do it," I grinned back. And continued to move as I felt it. More girlcum. More thrusting, more movement. Cresting a wave. It spurned me onwards. I kept going, faster and faster and faster. Good old honest-to-God sex. But to the max.
I felt myself about to orgasm as she was somewhere between three and four (I wasn't counting, particularly, I was more concerned with other things). I let out a little phattic utterance of my own as I felt my cum shooting out of my cock, filling her up. I knew she'd be feeling it drip out of her in a while, along with her own and whatever other liquid that may manifest itself along the way. Fantastic, intense vanilla sex. Awesome.

I lay down next to her. There was a huge wet patch where her pussy (my face, cock, &c.) had been. We exchanged smiles.

I love holidays.

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ladypandorah said...

Surely that should read

'Again! Again!'

I always end up smiling after reading your erotic much happiness and warmth in how you express things.

Hugs to you both,
LP xx