Thursday, 14 October 2010

HNT: Eye-L-B

My eyes are my only physical feature I'm truly happy with. They're a lovely shade of blue, have the right eye/eyelid proportion, and shine when the right light is on them (in this picture, there's the glare of a studio light to help that, plus I was incredibly tired). They also have the ability to hold an incredible amount of tears, should the need arise. If I look happy, or sad, my eyes complement the rest of the physical mess nicely. Thank you, God.

A gay friend of mine who had a crush on me for a short while (although how short I've never been sure!) once told me that my eyes have the curious quality of being full of tears all the time, like I'm constantly weeping. "Oh, but I am," I replied. "I'm always crying... on the inside." I don't think he believed me. And besides, so what if they sometimes water a bit? It just makes them sparkle that little touch more!

Ah well. I had to post a positive HNT some time, though, right?

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