Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Geeks get angry too.

I'm going to have a little bitch now, so kindly excuse my mood.

I am aware of the fact that am using my old laptop to write these posts. The screen wobbles and falls over if not propped up against a wall, it has no I key so I'm having to copy-and-paste all instances of that certain letter rather than conventional typing, and - despite me freeing up a few GB of space by deleting all my mp3s (after I'd transferred them to my netbook, of course) - it still plays the "do I have to?" card every time I try to open more than one program. Or more than one tab in Firefox, which leads to the problem I had yesterday. But it's this computer chose to bring with me, for the simple reason that it's less valuable than my netbook and I wasn't happy lugging my netbook to Oxford. It was taking this laptop everywhere with me that got it bashed about so much, but it runs, so clearly I've been treating it well enough.

ill, it's a bit of a joke that it took me FIFTY CUNTING HOURS to write ONE comment on ONE blog that was TWO lines in length.

ir enough, I probably shouldn't have had mIRC open as well as WMP, Winamp, Explorer and Firefox with six active tabs. But then again, I was working at incredible speed, so the memory problem slipped my mind. Other thoughts engaged my mind - I've made that abundantly clear! Suffice to say, I had to wait until my computer stabilised itself - during which I had dinner - but it managed that on its own. And once I'd managed to exit all the unnecessary programs, attempted to write the comment (on Maxine's LJ, actually), which - surprisingly quickly, since it required opening another tab - I did. Selected OpenID, wrote the web address for ILB in a little box, clicked "post" and...

I wasn't authorised to log into Blogger, apparently. Excuse me, internets? Which site was open on another tab within the same browser window, might ask? Besides, I was posting on LJ. And it's OpenID, that's the point of OpenID: it's open.

Backspace, backspace. Let's try post
ing again.

The text
I'd written was gone.

I'd finished hitting my head repeatedly against the wall, I quickly retyped the comment - it wasn't a long one - and hit "post" again, hoping it would deign to post this time.

I needed to authorise LJ to post my comments via my Blogger account. Not that that made any sense, but okay. So then, naturally, it created a new LJ account for me to do so.

IL.I've already got an LJ account; I don't need another one - nor do I particularly want one. Nor did I want to post anonymously, particularly - but what's the big problem, LJ? Explain, internets, explain!

Back aga
in, retyped, post. Again.

I may not be over 14 years old, and OMGZ this journal MAI CONTANE ADULT CONCEPTZ, WTF. Up came the CAPTCHA, and in went the characters. Fair enough, except that it didn't actually recognise the characters I put in, so I had to do it all again. Bash, bash, bash went the keys. Click went the mouse. A few seconds of indecisive clunking on my computer's part, LJ having sex with Blogger for a while and...

Hey presto, comment posted! And all
in under one measly hour! How impressive is that?

Oh, but they forgot to ment
ion one thing. Seems they don't like non-LJ users posting HTML links on LJ, so my post wasn't formatted particularly well. Insofar as the HTML tag didn't work, so neither did the link. But by that point, I was so far beyond caring that I'd moved on and vented on Twitter for a few hours (well, only one tweet, but it felt like a few hours... given my computer's performance, it probably was).

Dude. Ser
iously. I've got multiple accounts for EVERYTHING. I've got, like, 4 Google accounts, one LJ account (or is that two now? LJ don't seem to know themselves), 4 Yahoo! accounts (only one of which I actively use, since Yahoo! is shit, 4 Windows Live! accounts (ditto), WordPress, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and I think even Faceparty too. Everywhere there's something to see about me! That's too much knowledge!

indly sort this out, internets. If it says OpenID, I'm expecting it to be open. If I have to get one more account, anywhere, at all, I will turn into an account. I don't mean figuratively - I will physically transform into the abstract concept that is an internet-based account of some sort. Leave me alone, internets. Leave me alone.

TL;DR? Short vers
ion: FAIL.

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