Saturday, 2 October 2010



Whoah, this is new.

Well, it's not exactly new. It's just different. Something I've never experienced before. Okay, not really never, either. Just something that hasn't happened for over two years...

I've got some energy back.

In the good ol' TA days, I used to love the ability to come home and dance - a luxury that was afforded on neither this course nor its associated placements. Generally, I have to say, I had a tendency more towards coming home and sleeping (or "collapsing into a heap on the floor" might be a more accurate description), and at the end of the day I didn't show any energy. No songs, no dancing, no writing. Nothing. Without any ado.

But this week, because of the mass of swirling emotions coupled with the fact that I actually don't have much to do at the moment, I've been flicking through both moods and energy levels quicker than Hexadecimal out of ReBoot. On crack. And one of the bizarre side-effects of this seems to be that, on occasion, something has inspired me to do something inredibly energetic. At very inappropriate times, like the middle of the night, but I'm still grateful for the energy.

A month ago, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be able to jump up and bash my guitar for two hours solid. I wouldn't push my chair away and holler the words to The Wombats' Let's Dance to Joy Division. I wouldn't be able to go into the lounge and spin around in a circle until falling onto the floor like a marionette with cut strings, just because I can. Of course, I didn't usually do that stuff anyway, but the opportunity was always there. But it was gone, and now it's back.


I'm pretty certain my head is still with me. But my body... well, let's recapture that, while I still can.

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