Friday, 29 October 2010

"Culturally rich" is a phrase now.


So why did we go on holiday? Well, it's complicated.

But the main reason is... it's nice. Yes, I'm unemployed, and she is a student. Neither of us have any money, despite my initial estimate of £210.77, which was swiftly raped by £155.90 hotel bills, £35.00 restaurant meals (with rude waiter included), and the necessary £28.20 train tickets. Plus money to get into Shakespeare's houses (you'd think, being dead, that he'd be okay with us not having to pay. But nevertheless...)

By the way, it's okay. I have a £89.52 cheque from the tax man and some money from ad-hoc work probably coming at some point. But you're not interested in that, right?

However, whatever the price, it was totally worth it (if I'm allowed to use the word "totally" and not end up sounding like a douche). Stratford is lovely, but it's the pleasure of enjoying each other's company without being on either one's premises - on neutral ground, to put it another way - which always gives the biggest thrill. It's the joy of travelling together, it's the absence of parental interference, and it's the deciding for yourselves what you do which makes the option of exotic sex in a place with more style than suburban Oxford or a random London borough that bit more exciting.

And hotel breakfasts. They're the best bit, of course.

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