Friday, 22 October 2010

Blogger FAIL

Dear Blogger,

While I love you to pieces for everything you have done in allowing me to write a sex blog for a hell of a long time, your new front page is a shambles. Yes, I know it's more simplistic and everything, but the thing is this: I have four Google Accounts. The one that I use for Blogger - the one that, incidentally, doesn't sign into Google Mail, since ILB e-mail routes through Yahoo! - happens to be the only one that isn't automatically filled in, as it was on your previous sign-in page, which appeared to let Firefox save the username and password, logging me in in less than a second via some deft keystrokes (T, tab, return).

This one doesn't do that, and as a result, whenever I want to log in as ILB I has to go through the laborious process of typing out the whole e-mail address followed by the whole password, which takes about five seconds in total, and that is a waste of my precious time.

I can't stop you using Google accounts, because they bought you, but this would all be a lot easier if you just let people create a Blogger account, with which you could sign into Blogger and blog, and nothing else. You did that in the past and, while I didn't mind creating another Google account initially, I have four. And this one isn't automatically filling itself on your new front page because your new front page is a gateway to Google Mail, and I don't use this one for Google Mail.

Blogger, Google, sort this one out.

Yours irritatedly,
I.L.B. x

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