Thursday, 7 October 2010

Back in the game.


So, as you may have gleaned from that last post (unless you thought it was my overactive imagation splurging itself onto the Blogger update screen - now there's an image that shouldn't have have presented itself this early in the morning), I am back with TD. To be honest, it's pretty much like we were never off - but then again, I've never been on a break before, so I wasn't exactly sure how I was meant to respond. Of course, my first response was to curl up in the foetal position and rock backwards and forwards in floods of tears, but that's pretty much a knee-jerk reaction that takes into account exactly who I am and how I'm bound to act.

Anyway, last weekend she called. This was unexpected. But welcome. I went to see her, 4 days after I'd last seen her - once again, this was not unusual. I had news to tell her - mundane college-related and work-related stuff that I'd had happen to me since I'd last seen her. She had plans - big plans. Not quite as big as mine (as mine involved getting a job and moving out and learning to drive, et ceteri), but at least hers were actionable, which puts them ahead of mine already) - many of which involved going to Liverpool. So that's where we'll be next weekend (she'll be there for most of the week). Nice idea - shame it's in Liverpool. But never mind.

TD's mother, who is probably the closest to me in terms of mood and modus operandi - insofar as she can do conflict resolution, and only does conflict at a push - has been extremely kind to me. I've been more comfortable talking to her than I have to my own mother for - well - ever (my mother makes me nervous), but she has been very good to me, even to the point of taking me to her workplace to let me do a few hours ad-hoc to earn a bit of the valuable commodity which I am now lacking. Take note, this does mean I am still unemployed - but with cash coming in. Uhm - yeah, if that makes sense.

She also knows when to intervene, and when to give myself and TD space when we need it. As for our own relationship, it's fantastic - like it used to be. I've never had any doubts about that - whether we are lying on our fronts watching rented films on her laptop, on our backs reading Narnia books together, working on my CV (when I say 'working on', I actually mean 'having it completely redesigned by her'), or having sex doggy style on a futon in a room with the side-light on, it's not really how it used to be: it's how it should be.

And so I repeat: I love her.


Mister M said...

Woohoo - thrilled for you and TD. Excellent news.

ladypandorah said...

I was very much relieved to read this post.

Hope things run a little smoother now.

LP x