Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's my remedy, remedy

I love dancing. Love it. It's one of my favourite things to do, even though I just don't get the chance any more (back in my TA days, I used to finish at 12pm, cycle home and then dance for an hour in the living room; now, there's no energy after work!). Sports I can't handle, walking is fun but a bit pointless, swimming is cool but a lot of hassle, but dancing - well, there's nothing to fault it, really. Not that I'm particularly any good (despite some friends telling me I am, and some others to the contrary). But I love it. People used to watch me dance in the clubs at university. That's how much I love it.

Moreover, I love watching it, too. Tim Booth can't stand still during James' performances, and the way he loses it is incredible, especially when you consider how long the gigs are and how much energy can be exerted. I'll never forget the time I first saw a Shakira performance - her technique was amazing and suitably sexy. And finally, there's no single episode of Glee that hasn't got some amazing choreography. Check out the Safety Dance, a cameo-laden flashmob of joy, and the boys' mashup from "Vitamin D", in which they go totally crazy and the dancing is spot-on, especially the solo body-popping of Mike Chang. (And that, my friends, is why Glee is an incredibly visual experience - the CDs are cool, but just don't measure up.)

It makes me wonder - naturally - just how good dancers are in bed. Having sex is, as I'm sure you know, a very choreographed thing. Not that you need to have a natural rhythm (you tend to build one up as you go along, in any case), but the best sex happens when both participants are finely attuned to not only what their partner's doing, but what they're doing in response. What's the missionary position without positioning of the arms? What's the astride position without extensive use of the hips? What's oral sex without a beat?

And so for professional dancers, what's sex like, I wonder? Is it a good natural process, or do they feel under specia pressure to perform? What if they want to have slow sex, and they feel pressurised into turning their hula horizontal? I bet they're good - really good. Really, really good. But how are we regular folk meant to know? Short of appearing in the Metro they're not likely to tell us, are they? But enough with the speculation. I still find dancing incredibly sexually charged. I'm sure people who dance aren't turned on all the time, but it certainly worked for me (dancing, not watching, that is) - throughout my university and TA years, I was - well - as horny as I am these days, but I noticed an especial desire to engage in flagrante delicto following a session of thrashing about on the floor.

Has anyone else had that experience?

Because, after reminiscing just now, there's definitely some sort of plan forming here...


ladypandorah said...

I can't dance for toffee. Nor for money - no matter how much was hypothetically thrown at me...

But besides that, I don't find trouble with the 'choreography of sex'. Although, with us, I think that stems from how in tune we both are to one another.

Yet saying that...I dance better when I'm alchoholically charged, and find sex just runs a bit smoothly when a little tipsy...So maybe there's something in it. Hm.

LP x

Innocent Loverboy said...

Being a teetotaller, I'll have to take your word on that final point! Or ask TD - she's into the gin.